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® EDITORIAL EDITOR IN CHIEF Stephen Mooallem MANAGING EDITOR Meave Gallagher CITY EDITOR Christopher Robbins FILM EDITOR Alan Scherstuhl COPY CHIEF Mike Laws CALENDAR EDITOR Danny King SPECIAL FEATURES EDITOR Neil deMause SENIOR WRITER Nick Pinto STAFF WRITERS Melissa Anderson, Contents VOL . LXII NO. 16 APRIL 19 APRIL 25, 2017 BOB CONTENTS; 9 in; 11 in; Black; -; CONTENTS.pdf 3 April 19 April 25, 2017 Inside 30 Music Dylan interprets the sweetest standards • Samora Pinderhughes’s limitless sound Jon Campbell, Bilge Ebiri, Alexandria Neason ASSOCIATE COPY EDITOR Liz Byer EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Alana Mohamed MARY WRIGHT FELLOW Ivie Ani SOCIAL CONTENT PRODUCER Sharell Jeffrey ART R.C. Baker, Jennifer Krasinski DANCE Elizabeth Zimmer EATS Zachary Feldman THEATER Michael Feingold, Miriam Felton-Dansky CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Mark Gimein, Joe Levy, David Swanson CONTRIBUTORS Michael J. Agovino, Ross Barkan, Heather Baysa, Judy Berman, Steve Brodner, Tatiana Craine, Lauren Evans, Richard Gehr, Melissa Gira Grant, Alice Hines, Alicia Kennedy, Siddhartha Mitter, Nick Murray, Chris Packham, Marguerite Preston, Max Rivlin-Nadler, Dan Sallitt, Zoë Schlanger, Helen Shaw, Zac Thompson, Sophie Weiner, Lauren Weinstein, Ryan Lee Wong INTERN Amara Thomas A RT DEPUTY ART DIRECTOR Ashley Smestad Vélez ASSOCIATE ART DIRECTOR Jesus Diaz CONTRIBUTING ART DIRECTORS Heath Brockwell, Sandie Burke, Parker Hubbard CONSULTING PHOTO EDITOR Andrea Maurio 37 Art BRIC House celebrates the storied history of public access TV • Fab 5 Freddy is still giving you Eighties art realness VILLAGE 40 Books How much does mental illness influence genius? • Words aren’t enough for Darcie Wilder 42 Film A spectacular retrospective of blackness in cinema • Wim Wenders takes the scenic route • Plus, Tracking Shots 48 Theater Arthur Russell. Unknown, c. 1980s / Courtesy of the Music Division, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts BUSINESS PUBLISHER AND CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Suzan Gursoy, 212-475-4001 STRATEGY DIRECTOR Matt Barbey, 212-475-3696 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT TO PUBLISHER AND CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Lauren Bugg, 212-475-3300 AD VER TISING VICE PRESIDENT, ADVERTISING Shelly Rapoport, 212-475-8374 FASHION & BEAUTY DIRECTOR Gayle Perry, 212-475-1951 AUTO & SPIRITS MANAGER Lesia Trepachko, 212-475-7709 MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR Anthony Bolinsky, 212-475-7674 MUSIC & TECH DIRECTOR Jimmy Ansourian, 212-475-8473 FOOD & BEVERAGE MANAGER Sean Polite, 212-475-0275 HEALTH & EDUCATION MANAGER Andrew Dargis, 212-475-6724 ADVERTISING COORDINATOR Kaitlyn Power, 212-475-7673 ADVERTISING COORDINATOR Camellia Tatara, 212-475-4317 Features 4 Running His Mouth Put a sock in it, Spicer Downtown Legend By Sasha Frere-Jones Page 18 The perils of international diplomacy in Oslo • Noël Coward’s Present Laughter is still light on its feet after seventy years • Samara brings Greek tragedy to the western • We get it, The Profane : Mixing orthodoxies can be hard 7 Rat Lord MARKETING & EVENT S VICE PRESIDENT, MARKETING Kym Blanchard, 212-475-3638 VICE PRESIDENT, EXPERIENTIAL Diana Ruiz, 212-475-7446 MARKETING & EVENTS DIRECTOR Christina Pettit, 212-475-6836 Jared Kushner’s major rodent problems Arthur Russell’s artistic legacy is inally getting the attention it deserves 10 Tribeca Film Try the uncommon Fest DIGIT AL SENIOR DIRECTOR, AD OPERATIONS Donna Delmas, 212-475-2463 COORDINATOR, AD OPERATIONS Lee Cowart, 212-475-2463 PRODUCTION PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Dennis Rakauckas, 212-475-2351 PRODUCTION MANAGER Robert Baker, 212-475-6545 PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Leah Wachtelhausen, 212-475-2602 Unforgiven 14 Spot Check 16 Eats Protesting Trump’s taxes All Hands is on deck for New American seafood T R IB E C A F I L M F E S T I V A L P R E V IE W • O S LO O N B R O A D W AY • T H E U N B E A R A B L E R I G H T N E S S O F V EEP Public-service workers were promised debt relief — why is the program being whittled away? By Neil deMause Page 24 50 TV FINANCE DIRECTOR OF FINANCE George Pappas, 212-475-2748 FINANCE COORDINATOR Portia Towns, 212-475-6891 CIRCUL A TION Mitchell’s NY 212-594-6397, Ext. 8; credit tktktk The Free Tuition Trap By Alexandria Neason Page 28 Veep embraces absurdity to reclaim the political high/low ground Grand Prospect Hall makes your Grimm dreams come true • Japan’s third gender rendered in beautiful woodblock prints • March for science on Earth Day APRIL 1 9 APRIL 2 5, 2 017 VO L . L XII N O. 16 VILL AG E VO I C E .C O M FR EE SAV C ORPOR A TE PRESIDENT AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Peter D. Barbey CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Shawn Moliatu THE CO GE LLE HE BEL E D BY T DEB T C RIS IS L D AVOI N W TO ENT HO TUITIO UD THE : A ST IDE TRAP R’S GU E & US ON BUYE DEMA NE AS IA NEIL BY ANDR ALEX Cuomo’s college scholarship plan is full of risky loopholes 51 Choices GREIL MARCUS ON BOB DYLAN’S BOOK OF LOVE SASHA FRERE JONES ON THE CULT OF ARTHUR RUSSELL TOM MCGEVERAN ON SEAN SPICER’S FOUL MOUTH VICE PRESIDENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES Michelle Morris VICE PRESIDENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Kevin Lawrence credit tktktk On the Cover: Illustration by EDEL RODRIGUEZ 54 Classiied FOR GENERAL INFORMATION CALL 212-475-3300 FOR PRINT CIRCULATION CALL 212-594-6397, Ext. 8 FOR PRINT SUBSCRIPTIONS CALL 844-478-4817 FOR PRESS AND PR INQUIRIES EMAIL The Village Voice (ISSN US00426180) is published weekly (Wednesday) by The Village Voice LLC, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038. Printed in U.S.A. Newsstand price: free in New York City area. 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