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® EDITORIAL EDITOR IN CHIEF Stephen Mooallem MANAGING EDITOR Meave Gallagher CITY EDITOR Christopher Robbins FILM EDITOR Alan Scherstuhl COPY CHIEF Mike Laws CALENDAR EDITOR Danny King SPECIAL FEATURES EDITOR Neil deMause SENIOR WRITER Nick Pinto STAFF WRITERS Melissa Anderson, Contents VOL. LXII | NO. 19 MAY 10–MAY 16, 2017 3 Inside 32 Art Sadie Laska’s multigenerational dialogue • Martha Cooper captures transient graffiti May 10 -May 16, 2017 Jon Campbell, Bilge Ebiri, Alexandria Neason ASSOCIATE COPY EDITOR Liz Byer MARY WRIGHT FELLOW Ivie Ani EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Alana Mohamed SOCIAL CONTENT PRODUCER Sharell Jeffrey ART R.C. Baker, Jennifer Krasinski DANCE Elizabeth Zimmer EATS Zachary Feldman THEATER Michael Feingold, Miriam Felton-Dansky CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Mark Gimein, Joe Levy, David Swanson CONTRIBUTORS Michael J. Agovino, Ross Barkan, Heather Baysa, Judy Berman, Steve Brodner, Tatiana Craine, Lauren Evans, Richard Gehr, Melissa Gira Grant, Alice Hines, Alicia Kennedy, Siddhartha Mitter, Nick Murray, Chris Packham, Marguerite Preston, Max Rivlin-Nadler, Dan Sallitt, Zoë Schlanger, Helen Shaw, Zac Thompson, Sophie Weiner, Lauren Weinstein, Ryan Lee Wong INTERN Amara Thomas ART DEPUTY ART DIRECTOR Ashley Smestad Vélez ASSOCIATE ART DIRECTOR Jesus Diaz CONTRIBUTING ART DIRECTORS Sandie Burke, Parker Hubbard CONSULTING PHOTO EDITOR Andrea Maurio 36 Books VILLAGE Reflecting on Norman Mailer’s prison activism • John Freeman Gill resurrects Seventies New York Tamar Rogoff’s Grand Rounds gives you license to stare 38 Dance 39 Film BUSINESS STRATEGY DIRECTOR Matt Barbey, 212-475-3696 EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT Michelle Tennant-Timmons, 212-475-3300 ADVERTISING VICE PRESIDENT, ADVERTISING Shelly Rapoport, 212-475-8374 AUTO & SPIRITS MANAGER Lesia Trepachko, 212-475-7709 MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR Anthony Bolinsky, 212-475-7674 MUSIC & TECH DIRECTOR Jimmy Ansourian, 212-475-8473 FOOD & BEVERAGE MANAGER Sean Polite, 212-475-0275 HEALTH & EDUCATION MANAGER Andrew Dargis, 212-475-6724 ADVERTISING COORDINATOR Kaitlyn Power, 212-475-7673 ADVERTISING COORDINATOR Camellia Tatara, 212-475-4317 Features 4 Legal Limbo What are the options for green-card holders locked up without bail? Driely S. After forty years, Saturday Night Fever still divides (and conquers) • Ryuichi Sakamoto’s perfect soundtracks • Elián revisits the boy caught in the firestorm • Talking Heat ’s police and thieves with Michael Mann • Brilliant meta-noir at the heart of Suture • Can anyone make good use of Diane Lane? Not Paris Can Wait • Plus, Tracking Shots Rei Kawakubo’s Radical Vision Comme des Garçons’ enigmatic creator electrifies at the Met By Jennifer Krasinski Page 14 48 Music MARKETING & EVENTS VICE PRESIDENT, MARKETING Kym Blanchard, 212-475-3638 VICE PRESIDENT, EXPERIENTIAL Diana Ruiz, 212-475-7446 MARKETING & EVENTS DIRECTOR Christina Pettit, 212-475-6836 DIGITAL SENIOR DIRECTOR, AD OPERATIONS Donna Delmas, 212-475-2463 COORDINATOR, AD OPERATIONS Lee Cowart, 212-475-2463 5 Underground Chinatown’s tunnels record a piece of immigration history Mac DeMarco: more than just a chill bro • Anna Wise makes her bold music a safe space • Omar Souleyman’s ballads to his burning homeland 10 King of Color 13 Eats ESCAPE TO NEW YORK What it’s like to be a refugee in NYC By Sulome Anderson PWR to the PPL By Alex Frank Page 20 54 Theater PRODUCTION PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Dennis Rakauckas, 212-475-2351 PRODUCTION MANAGER Robert Baker, 212-475-6545 PRODUCTION COORDINATOR Leah Wachtelhausen, 212-475-2602 FINANCE DIRECTOR OF FINANCE George Pappas, 212-475-2748 FINANCE COORDINATOR Portia Towns, 212-475-6891 CIRCULATION Mitchell’s NY 212-594-6397, Ext. 8; credit tktktk Barry Boonshaft just wants his fashion due Brooklyn’s Metta: We have the meats! MAY 10 – MAY 16, 2017 VOL. LXII | NO. 19 VILLAGEVOICE.COM | FREE Welcome to the glittery, guitar-shredding world of America’s hardest-rocking queens The nonconformist magic of duo PWR BTTM By Alex Frank ROCK’S NEW “IT” THEY KAWAKUBO CORPORATE PRESIDENT, PUBLISHER, AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Peter D. Barbey CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Shawn Moliatu REI THE CULT OF SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER AT 40 INTERROGATING MICHAEL MANN CHRISTGAU ON OMAR SOULEYMAN MAC DEMARCO COMES OF AGE Escape From New York Refugees from violence and war create better lives in the city By Sulome Anderson Page 26 Hello, Dolly! ’s lights never dim; Anastasia can’t renew a tired myth • Battling for sympathy and power in The Little Foxes • Six Degrees of Separation feels more urgent than ever 57 TV I Love Dick takes the banal road FASHION, ART & REVOLUTION AT THE MET BY JENNIFER KRASINSKI 58 Choices PHOTOGRAPH BY TIMOTHY GREENFIELD-SANDERS On the Cover: VICE PRESIDENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES Michelle Morris VICE PRESIDENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Kevin Lawrence FOR GENERAL INFORMATION CALL 212-475-3300 FOR PRINT CIRCULATION CALL 212-594-6397, Ext. 8 FOR PRINT SUBSCRIPTIONS CALL 844-478-4817 FOR PRESS AND PR INQUIRIES EMAIL credit tktktk Photograph by Getty Images TIMOTHY GREENFIELD-SANDERS /Contour by Catharsis with Perfume Genius • Creepy pace-horror in Solaris • Terrors and dreams at Performancy Forum 61 Classified The Village Voice (ISSN US00426180) is published weekly (Wednesday) by The Village Voice LLC, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038. 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