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50 May 10 -May 16, 2017 ANNA WISE from p48 sessions in the can, it looked as though the streak was coming to an end. Or at least that’s what Wise thought until she heard “PRIDE,” which she wrote with fellow Kendrick collaborator Steve Lacy last year. “I didn’t know if my song was gonna be on it,” Wise says. “It was all a big fun mystery.” If she was caught off guard, Wise had a good excuse. When DAMN debuted, she was occupied with a project of her own, editing the video for the feminist empow-erment anthem “Stacking That Paper,” off her February album, The Feminine: Act II . The video stars Mercy Wise, Anna’s sister, a trans woman who moved to New York nine months ago and became a fetish wrestler. In the clip, Mercy trains, lifts weights, writhes around in American cur-rency, and, yes, triumphantly defeats op-ponents in a basement wrestling match backlit by ultraviolet LED screens. By choosing to highlight how Mercy thrives rather than how she struggles, every as-pect of “Paper” is a triumphant fuck-you to a political environment even more hor-rifying than usual for the marginalized. “I feel like every day I am learning about some new problem,” says Wise. “It seems like, especially with white women, we choose the cause of femi-nism and then we ignore the people who need it, the people who need to be up-lifted. Trans people, people of color.” You can count on one hand the number of Grammy winners with a positive por-trayal of sex work in their oeuvre. But on The Feminine — a solo project she began writing in 2012 — Wise’s freewheeling hu-manism and guileless melodic sense only make her politics more biting and direct. “I am writing about ‘the feminine’ right now, but that’s not where my focus is com-pletely,” adds Wise. “I’m trying to work in all the causes I’m aware of.” Of course, between the release of The Feminine: Act I last fall and this spring’s Act II , a certain Cheeto-tinged kleptocrat took office, changing the political calculus of the whole project. Where Act I was “a more visceral response to misogyny and the pa-triarchy,” on Act II Wise sought to create “an emotional atmosphere for anyone facing the pressures of marginalization to just fit in and feel comfortable. Something where people could more just lose them-selves in the music.” So the opener, “Coco-nuts,” has a swelling, fluid feel, and funky highlight “Some Mistakes” (as in “I don’t mind making some mistakes/When I know it’s all for the best”) bears a things-happen-for-a-reason message similar to — of all things — Garth Brooks’s “Unanswered Prayers.” “I’m working on one more shorter proj-ect and one very long project right now,” says Wise, who just set out on a string of dates across the country in support of Act II . “I realized that a shorter project is very good for when you’re on the train to get to wherever you’re going. But when we were on tour, I really want that hour-and-a-half-long album to play, to get me through that however many miles it is. A road trip al-bum. Short projects are very city. Long projects are very country.” VILLAGE May 13 th -10pm The Revelers May 31 st -9:30pm Bob Schneider Billy Joe Shaver & Ray Wylie Hubbard The Whiskey Gentry June 1 st -9pm June 2 nd -10pm th June 17 -9:30pm Marah August 25 th -10pm The Yahoos Live! ! On Stage THURS MAY 11 Open at 7 pm! Presents... WEDS MAY 17 PASQUALE GRASSO CLAFFY FT. ALITA MOSES WEDS MAY 10 PASQUALE GRASSO CLAFFY FT. ALITA MOSES THURS MAY 18 LUKE CARLOS O’REILLY MARK WHITFIELD IN BROOKLYN: May 31 st -8:30pm Gangstagrass “RITA” FT. BRENDAN SKIDMORE AND BRUCE HARRIS FRI MAY 12 KEN FOWSER QUINTET KING SOLOMON HICKS FRI MAY 19 KEN FOWSER QUINTET CHRIS NORTON SAT MAY 13 RUBEN FOX EVAN SHERMAN BIG BAND SAT MAY 20 BRIAN LYNCH QUARTET LOS HACHEROS Reservations Information (21 2)5 19. 664 9 TH ED JA N G O N YC . 2 AV E . O F T H E AMERICAS com Cellar Level Tribeca OF TRIBECA CRAFT COCKT AILS, SMALL PLATES & LIVE JAZZ! LOCATED IN THE

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